If you have a concern about barking dogs, please consider the following guidance and also the ordinances covering the issue.

According to the Anderson County Noise Control Resolution 0.6 (5), “Anyone who keeps or maintains an animal or bird that unreasonably disturbs the comfort or repose of any person, because the animal or bird is emitting frequent or long continued sound or noise, and who continues to keep, maintain or allow an animal or bird to unnecessarily and unreasonably disturb the comfort and repose of any person or persons shall be deemed in violation of this section, provided that the person(s) keeping or maintaining the animal or bird has first been notified in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, by the complaining party that this animal or bird being kept by the addressee is unreasonably disturbing his or her comfort and repose.

This section shall be liberally construed to accomplish the objective of this section, and the person making this written notification need not use the exact words of this section to the addressee so long as the notification sufficiently informs the addressee of the nature of the disturbing noise emitted by the animal or bird. Upon receipt of a certified letter notifying the person keeping or maintaining such animal or bird, such person shall be required to immediately comply with this section.”

“The warning provision contained within this section shall not apply to the enforcement of this section by a law enforcement officer charged with enforcement of this section who personally witnesses a violation of this provision. This section shall not apply to horses, livestock, poultry, or other farm animals, provided they are maintained in accordance with the Anderson County Zoning Regulations.”


If you were issued a citation for any county animal related ordinance violation.

If you were issued a citation for any local animal ordinance violation and have questions about an appearance or hearing date, please contact the office of Circuit Court Clerk Rex Lynch at this link:

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